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Better, faster insights from user interviews, usability tests, focus groups, and more with Notably's AI-powered research platform.

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Companies and organizations of all sizes rely on Notably

Notably works for all kinds of research.


Understand patient experience, with precision.

Notably helps researchers analyze data captured from observational studies and clinical trials.

Built for speed and rigor, get the validation you need with Notably to validate the effectiveness of promising medical advances.

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Discover consumer wants and needs.

Notably helps market researchers identify consumer’s underlying needs and preferences.

Conduct focus groups and analyze group sentiment to determine the viability of a new service or product.

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Build software people love to use.

Notably helps product researchers identify new opportunities to solve for with technology.

Conduct generative and evaluative research and analyze findings to ensure you’re creating a product people love to use.

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Create a compelling, evidence-based thesis.

Notably helps academic researchers find themes and patterns in research to support a central thesis.

Collect and analyze data then present evidence in a beautiful insight document to your audience.

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AI powered research with Notably

What new insights will you discover with AI?

Use AI to reveal blind spots in your data, check for bias, and discover unexpected kernels of insight.

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The only repository that gets smarter the more you use it.

A self-organizing home for all of your research data.

Combine data like audio, video, surveys, notes, and whitepapers. Notably automatically tracks where data came from and who so you don’t have to.

Video summaries and suggested tags to speed up analysis.

Leverage the power of AI to get through summarizing and labeling data, faster. Notably learns how you tag and makes suggestions for you, getting better over time.

Data-driven synthesis to amplify research craft & rigor.

Instantly cluster, recolor, and filter data to reveal unexpected patterns in your data. Notably uses a data-driven canvas and AI to speed up synthesis without sacrificing quality and rigor.

The go-to search engine that keeps your finger on the pulse of knowledge.

Search across all of research projects to discover what you know (and don’t know). Notably makes it easy to find the things you're looking for... and even the things you don't know you're looking for.

“Notably cut my time analyzing user feedback and research interviews by more than 50%. I don't know how I lived without it before.”

Laura Maxwell

User Experience Designer at

“Notably aligns very closely with this secret sauce design research process we’re all doing.”

Hannah Mazonson

UX Designer & Strategist at

Analyze quickly so you can understand deeply.

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