With Notably, you can superpower your research and interview analysis to get better insights from your qualitative data. In this video you’ll learn 5 quick steps to start finding insights in your qualitative data.

1. Create your new research project

Get started by creating a Notably project, a single place to organize everything for your research. In this example, we’re using data from surveys and interviews conducted with Teachers and Parents during emergency distance learning. You can apply these same steps to whatever type of research you're doing.

2. Document your research plan and goals on the info page

Capture information that matters most for kicking off your research by customizing the info page, such as your research plan and goals. This will orient anyone who comes across your insights or data outside of your project in the searchable workspace. This is one of many research best practices baked into Notably.

3. Import or create your qualitative data

Next, create or import your first piece of qualitative data. Videos can be automatically added with our Zoom integration or imported from your computer where your interview video can be transcribed into text.

You can also create documents right in Notably. Documents are flexible, distraction free spaces to capture notes during research sessions or combine survey responses into one place.

Every video or document in Notably can be coded with the research participant and tagged with anything, like a persona or focus group name, so you never lose track of where data came from.

4. Highlight and tag your qualitative data

Now that you’ve added your qualitative data, it’s time to analyze it. Highlight and tag the important parts of your videos and documents. Notably automatically turns those highlights into digital sticky notes on a canvas and rows in a table, where you can analyze everything together to find patterns and themes. 

5. Analyze your qualitative data together

Cluster notes into themes as patterns emerge, and automatically recolor sticky notes to quickly view and analyze your clusters through different lenses.

Zoom in for detail, and zoom out for context. With Notably, you can get the granularity you need at any stage of synthesis. 

Great job! You’ve taken 5 key steps to super-powering your research analysis with Notably. 

Use AI-powered research analysis to create better, faster research insights.

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