Notably vs. Condens

Why choose Notably vs. Condens for research teams?

Designers and researchers who’ve used both Condens and Notably shared with us the key reasons why they made the switch. 

Dovetail vs. Notably
Enjoy HQ vs. Notably
Figjam vs. Notably
Miro vs. Notably
We used our most popular plan, Teams, and a comparable plan from other products to create this feature comparison matrix.
Last updated Aug 2023
Teams Price
$300 per year
$80 per month
$200 per month
$375 per month
$250 per month
$250 per month
Designed for research
Video transcription
AI Video Summaries
AI Notes Summaries
AI Template Library
AI Insight Generation from tags & themes
Affinity mapping
Theme recoloring
Sentiment Analysis
Global & project tags
Advanced global search
Research workshops and premium services

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Notably vs. Condens data stored?

Your data in Condens is processed and stored exclusively in data centers within the European Union.

Notably uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the USA to hosts its data. You can see Amazon’s compliance and security documents for more detailed information, including SOC 13 and ISO 27001.

How does Notably's AI technology compare to Condens?

Like Notably, Condens uses AI to speed up analysis. However, the only place that Condens is using AI in the research workflow is to suggest tags. (as of August 2023)Notably has suggested tags, but we also use AI to summarize video recordings and documents, sentiment analysis, and to generate insights from themes and tags.

What features does Condens have that Notably doesn’t?

Condens has charts to visualize data. Notably does not currently have data visualization through charts, but it is on our roadmap for this quarter (2023). We’re anxious to bring a quantitative lens to the rich qualitative insights inside of your Notably workspace.

What features does Notably have that Condens doesn’t?

Unlike Condens, Notably has a growing library of AI powered research templates.

In Notably, you can generate an insight from a theme or tag(s) with AI using one of our AI Insight Templates. Like the AI Summary Templates, these insight templates provide a special lens for the AI to analyze the data through. For example, you can use AI to generate a “Jobs-to-be-done” insight from your data. From that same data you can use AI to generate a “Persona Insight.”

We’re releasing new AI-powered research frameworks every week to our growing library of AI templates.

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