Create and collect all of your raw research data.

Consolidate notes and videos from anywhere or import cloud recordings from Zoom. Notably automatically and accurately transcribes recordings so you don’t have to worry about missing important moments.

Data Features

Zoom Integration

Automatically import cloud recordings from Zoom.

Video Transcription

Upload your video recording and get a text transcription.


A flexible, distraction-free place to take rapid notes.

Sentiment Analysis

Detect positive and negative sentiment to jumpstart analysis.


Analyze your data on a canvas and in a spreadsheet.

Meaningful snippets of data are highlighted and then promoted to analysis, where you can analyze your data as sticky notes on a canvas and rows in a table. We do automatic sentiment analysis to get your synthesis started.

Analysis Features


Highlight the most meaningful parts of a conversation.


Create an atomic coding system to track your data.

Sticky notes

Move your data around spatially on an infinite canvas.


Analyze data as a row in a  hierarchical table format.


Spend less time coding data and more time marinating in it.

Stay in your head-space during synthesis. Dynamically re-color, filter, and cluster data to get the granularity you need to make meaning out of the mess.

Synthesis Features


Create real relationships between data by clustering.


Color sticky notes by theme, Sentiment, Tag, or Participant.

Search & Filter

Drill down to specific keywords, themes, tags, and participants.

Theme clouds

Zoom in and out to get the level of granularity you need.


Make learning cumulative, not locked away in decks.

Create a knowledge network that your research deserves. All learnings are cumulative and build up over time. Search for insights and avoid doing the same research over and over again.

Repository Features


Curate research findings and recommendations in one place.


Invite your team and collaborate on research projects.

Participant tracking

Track participants and their contributions over time.

Cross-Project Search


Search across projects by keyword, themes, and tags.

Make an impact with better, faster research.

“Notably aligns very closely with this secret sauce process.”

Designer, Daylight Design

“Notably works the way I think... which is kinda incredible and surprising.”

Research Coach, Redgate