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Co-Creation Session

Capture feedback and create new ideas to push a design forward.

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Co-Creation Session Templates | Capture Feedback and Ideas

Co-creation overview

Co-creation sessions play a vital role in the design process, as they involve engaging non-designers to provide valuable feedback and generate new ideas. This template helps summarize the findings from a co-creation session and facilitates the integration of participant feedback into the design process.

How this co-creation template is helpful

  • Comprehensive Session Summary: This template provides a structured format with eight sections, ensuring a comprehensive summary of the co-creation session. From stating the session goal to outlining participant information, activities, feedback, session ideas, new ideas, session tips, and next steps, this template covers essential aspects that need to be captured and documented.
  • Balanced Feedback Assessment: The "Feedback" section emphasizes providing detailed, specific, and balanced feedback based on the data provided. By highlighting both positive and negative feedback, the template encourages an objective assessment of the concepts or designs discussed during the co-creation session. This balanced feedback ensures a holistic understanding of the participants' perspectives.
  • Future-oriented Idea Generation: This template encourages the generation of new ideas through the "Session Ideas" and "New Ideas" sections. Participants' specific ideas for improving the concept are captured, and the subsequent "New Ideas" section prompts innovative thinking by offering slightly different, more futuristic perspectives. This fosters continuous improvement and pushes the design forward.

Some potential co-creation template use cases

  • Design Iteration: Utilize this template to summarize co-creation sessions and incorporate participant feedback into the design iteration process. The insights gathered can inform improvements and modifications to the existing design concepts.
  • User-Centered Design: Apply this template to gather user insights and perspectives during co-creation sessions, ensuring that the final design aligns with users' needs and expectations. This user-centered approach enhances the overall user experience.
  • Collaborative Decision Making: Use this template to facilitate collaborative decision-making by involving stakeholders and end-users in the design process. The structured format helps capture diverse perspectives, leading to better-informed decisions and solutions.

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