academic research

Notably for students and professionals doing research in academia.

Speed up data collection and data entry so you can spend time doing deeper and more rigorous research analysis.

A workspace to collaborate with your research partners.

Create a system of folders that make it easy to stay organized as you plan for and work through large research projects. Organize active and historical research projects into a single research repository.

Trusted qualitative research methods baked into a single workspace.

Notably bakes in best practices like grounded theory, that help with the rigor of conducting good, quality research. 

Document your own trusted methods and frameworks over time.

Synthesize research into a central thesis for your dissertation.

Notably helps speed up data collection and data entry so you can slow down during analysis.

Use patterns and themes found in data as evidence to support a central thesis in your dissertation.

Button up the mess of raw research data into compelling insights.

Create a beautiful insights document that presents data woven together with discussion and analysis.

With Notably, your reader will be left with a clear understanding of your research conclusions.

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product features

Exploratory research

Identify new problems to be solved with broad, open ended research.

Constructive research

Reveal opportunities to improve on an existing product or service experience.

Empirical research

Turn direct and indirect observations into new knowledge & insight.

Gap analysis

Uncover the knowledge to practice gap, revealing opportunities to implement & change a service.

Data collection

Collect and organize existing research or data like videos, audio recordings, and notes.

Research for dissertations or theses

Find themes and patterns in research to support a central thesis.

Group research projects

Work alongside research partners like fellow students or professors in a single workspace.

Final research presentation

Combine research findings into a presentable and interactive artifact.

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