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Notably for Professors & Universities Introducing Research to the Next Generation.

Notably's AI-Powered Research gives professors and the next generation of researchers the tools to navigate data, uncover insights, and learn together. Let’s partner to set a new standard for research education, preparing future researchers to enter the industry with confidence.

Integrate approachable AI research tooling into your University.

Notably offers end-to-end software designed to simplify the teaching and research process for professors. A simple to use interface guides students of all skill levels through a proven research workflow.

AI Tools for University Classrooms
AI Powered Research Methods and Frameworks

Industry-proven methods & frameworks to guide your students.

Our hands-on training ensures your students master Notably without detracting from valuable teaching time. Focus on your curriculum while we take care of the technical training, enabling a smoother learning curve and more effective classroom engagement.

Dive deep into hands-on AI and research learning experiences.

Notably is not just a ‘black box’ AI tool; it's a learning platform. Students develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills as they collaborate with AI, ensuring they are well-equipped for high-quality, ethical research practices.

Custom AI Powered Research Templates
Notably Co-founders Britt Smith and Allison Marshall

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Explore the future of AI in our interactive founders' workshop.

Experience the future of research firsthand. Notably co-founders offer intimate personalized workshops, shedding light on the evolving landscape of research and AI, and sparking curiosity and engagement among your students.

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AI powered research with Notably

Templates designed by research experts to teach best practices.

Browse our library of pre-made AI templates or workshop with students create their own. A hands-on and practical way to teach methods for collaborating with AI.

Explore AI Templates
product features

Data Collection and Transcription

Collect and organize existing research or data like videos, audio recordings, and notes.

AI-Generated Summaries & Insights

Summarize and synthesize data with the help of our AI-powered research templates.

Custom AI-Powered Templates

Create your own one-of-a-kind AI-powered template for or with your students as an opportunity to teach how to collaborate with AI.

Group Project Collaboration

Work alongside research partners like fellow students or professors in a single workspace.

In-App Support for Students

Combine research findings into a presentable and interactive artifact for a final share out.

Final Research Presentation

Direct access to support in the app, so you can focus on teaching and not on assisting with software.

Use Notably to analyze your academic research for free.

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