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Collaborate with AI to do better, faster research.

We put people at the center of Notably. Use AI to move faster during analysis so you can slow down and enjoy the deeper, more creative parts of research you love.

Turn hours of interviews into concise debriefs, instantly.

Messy transcripts and notes? Extract participant information, emerging patterns, topics, surprising takeaways from conversations.

No need to jump back and forth between transcripts and a separate AI app. 

Organize research projects into folders in your research repository.
Link evidence to insights in your research repository.

Reveal positive and negative sentiment. 

Find out how participants really feel with AI-powered sentiment analysis. Instantly analyze sentiment across your entire study in just one click. 

Speed through analysis with auto highlighting and tagging.

Use AI to speed up the manual parts of data analysis. Notably learns how you tag and makes suggestions for you, getting better over time.

Create research project templates in your research repository.
Track participants in a research repository over time.

Generate Insights from tags, themes, or entire projects.

Synthesizing alone? Notably can help jumpstart divergent thinking from your partially analyzed research.

Combine tags and themes and find unexpected insights from likeness and tension in the data.

Write your own custom prompt to power a one-of-a-kind AI template.

Use our library of AI-powered templates crafted with care by researchers or create a custom AI Template from scratch.

With Notably's AI templates you can ask anything about your data.

Create research project templates in your research repository.
Track participants in a research repository over time.

Create images with AI from the content of your insight or your imagination.

Say goodbye to stale reports or overused stock photos. Generate one-of-a-kind images for your Insights using AI.
Describe your vision or generate one with AI based on the content of your Insight.

ai research features

Video Transcription

Turn recordings into transcripts. Transcribe up to 5 hours for free or upgrade for unlimited hours.

Transcript summary

Extract important parts of the conversation into an organized list of notes and takeaways for instant analysis.

Suggested Tags

Set up your tags and start highlighting. Suggested tags learn and improve the more that you use them.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze sentiment across highlights from an entire study. Instantly recolor to reveal insights.

Insights from Tags

Generate insights from a single tag or combination of tags applied to highlighted data. 

Insight from themes

Generate insights from a single theme or combination of themes in a project.

Insight from project

Generate insights from an entire project without any tagging or theming necessary.

Generative Images

Create one-of-a-kind images from the content of your Insight or just your words.

Custom AI Templates

Write a prompt and publish a custom AI Template to your workspace.

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Instantly generate new ideas and opportunities from your research data with AI.

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