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We put people at the center of Notably. Use AI to move faster during analysis so you can slow down and enjoy the deeper, more creative parts of research you love.

Turn hours of interviews into concise debriefs, instantly.

Messy transcripts and notes? Extract participant information, emerging patterns, topics, surprising takeaways from conversations.

No need to jump back and forth between transcripts and a separate AI app. 

Organize research projects into folders in your research repository.
Link evidence to insights in your research repository.

Identify positive and negative sentiment across your entire dataset. 

Find out how participants really feel with AI-powered sentiment analysis. Instantly analyze sentiment across your entire study in just one click. 

It builds an accurate lens to help reveal your data's underlying meaning.

AI-suggested tagging for faster, more accurate labeling during analysis.

Highlight the most important parts of your data, and your AI collaborator will help by suggesting tags for synthesis. 

Global and project tags get more accurate the more that you use them.

Create research project templates in your research repository.
Track participants in a research repository over time.

Generate insights from tags for the ultimate divergent thinking partner.

Synthesizing alone? Your new AI teammate can help jumpstart divergent thinking from your partially analyzed research.

Combine tags and find unexpected insights from likeness and tension in the data.

Have your AI-powered research assistant summarize your themes into insights.

Get some help with that blank screen staring back at you. Collaborate with AI to generate emerging insights from themes you discovered in your data.

Insight summaries are structured around a trusted research framework that you can build off of. 

Create research project templates in your research repository.

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AI powered research with Notably

What new insights will you discover with AI?

Use AI to reveal blind spots in your data, check for bias, and discover unexpected kernels of insight.

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ai research features

Video Transcription

Turn recordings into transcripts. Transcribe up to 5 hours for free or upgrade for unlimited hours.

Transcript summary

Extract important parts of the conversation into an organized list of notes and takeaways for instant analysis.

Suggested Tags

Set up your tags and start highlighting. Suggested tags learn and improve the more that you use them.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze sentiment across highlights from an entire study. Instantly recolor to reveal insights.

Insights from Tags

Generate insights from tagged data to amplify your brain power during synthesis. 

Insight from themes

Generate insights from tagged data to amplify your brain power during synthesis.

“Notably cut my time analyzing user feedback and research interviews by more than 50%. I don't know how I lived without it before.”

Laura Maxwell

User Experience Designer at

“Notably aligns very closely with this secret sauce design research process we’re all doing.”

Hannah Mazonson

UX Designer & Strategist at

Seamlessly integrate AI into your qualitative research workflow.

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