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Worst Ideas Ever

Get bad ideas out of your head so the good ones are easier to find.

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Worst Ideas Ever Template | Reverse Brainstorming for Creative Problem-Solving

"Worst Ideas Ever" Template Overview

In the pursuit of innovation, perfectionism often stands as a barrier. The "Worst Ideas Ever" template boldly invites a reverse brainstorm, urging us to explore the realm of terrible ideas as a pathway to uncover brilliance. Divided into two sections, this exercise encourages a playful approach to problem-solving.

How the "Worst Ideas Ever" approach may help

Perfectionism Detox

Release the grip of perfectionism by actively seeking out the worst ideas, creating a liberating space for unconventional thinking.

Humorous Ideation

Injecting humor into the ideation process fosters a creative atmosphere, inspiring out-of-the-box thinking and reducing fear of judgment.

Seeding Future Innovation

The "Not Terrible Ideas" section transforms the bad ideas into plausible concepts, providing a foundation for ideation sessions that balance creativity with real-world potential.

Some potential use cases

Product Development

Break through creative blocks by exploring the worst ideas, paving the way for unconventional solutions in product design.

Marketing Strategies

Uncover unique and attention-grabbing marketing concepts by initially considering ideas that might seem outlandish or impractical.

Innovation Workshops

Kickstart innovation workshops by encouraging participants to embrace humor and absurdity in ideation, leading to unexpected breakthroughs.


When faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, the template serves as a tool to disrupt conventional thinking and spark innovative solutions.

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