Give your research synthesis superpowers.

Notably is an all-in-one research platform that helps teams collect, analyze, and share customer research.

A sticky note for the remote world.

Digital sticky notes in other tools have many of the same limitations as physical sticky notes. We're bringing a data-driven approach to the hands-on, physical analysis process we all love and miss in today's remote world.

Everything you need to synthesize qualitative data.

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Getting started with Notably

Take notes inside of Notably or upload videos for transcription.
Highlight and tag the important parts from your notes and transcripts.
Highlights are turned into sticky notes & rows in a table for analysis.

Created for you by qualitative researchers.

Notably was created by researchers who have researched for some of the world's biggest brands. We bake in research best practices, like methods and frameworks, so even non-researchers can use Notably to confidently find insights.

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Make an impact with better, faster research.

“Notably aligns very closely with this secret sauce process.”

Designer, Daylight Design

“Notably works the way I think... which is kinda incredible and surprising.”

Research Coach, Redgate