Cluster Analysis

Bring cluster analysis for user research into the future.

Combine a timeless method of analyzing qualitative data with a spreadsheet and AI to speed up the process of synthesizing data into insights.

Start clustering your qualitative data with Notably.

Work spatially with digital sticky notes to cluster and find themes.

Hacking digital whiteboarding tools and design software to do cluster analysis present similar limitations as physical post-its.

With Notably’s data-driven digital sticky notes you can do affinity mapping and cluster analysis without the extra step of manual data entry & sacrificing good data hygiene.

A table view to compliment data during cluster analysis, always in sync.

Choosing to organize data either visually on a canvas or hierarchically in a spreadsheet shouldn’t be a binary choice before analysis.

Toggle between these two views or work in a split-screen workspace that’s always in sync as you synthesize data into insights.

Apply entirely new lenses to your cluster analysis, instantly.

Cluster analysis and affinity mapping is a timeless technique for analyzing qualitative research. Participant, sentiment, and tags are coded to your digital sticky notes to instantly recolor.

Filter and search to segment large datasets during cluster analysis, unlocking entirely new lenses and perspectives never before possible.

Zoom in for detail on your digital sticky note, and zoom out for context on your board.

Researchers gain spatial awareness when doing cluster analysis with digital sticky notes, much like they did in physical war rooms.

Notably takes that up a notch by magically transforming sticky notes as you zoom in and out on the canvas, giving you the granularity you need to make conclusions on your research data.

Cluster Analysis Features


Drag and drop digital sticky notes as themes emerge in the data to form real relationships between them.


Instantly re-color your clusters by theme, sentiment, tag, or participant to look at data through new lenses.

Theme Clouds

Data-driven sticky notes allow you to Zoom in for detail and zoom out for context, creating an entirely new perspectives.

Search & filter

Search by keyword or segment data by theme, tag, and participant to work through large datasets.

Combine the spreadsheet with the sticky note for an entirely new experience during cluster analysis.

Analyze research data in a split-screen workspace with digital sticky notes and a table that is automatically generated and can be traced back to the original source data. See your cluster develop visually on a canvas and hierarchically in a spreadsheet.

Create real relationships between digital sticky notes when you cluster them as themes.

Affinity mapping and cluster analysis is one of the most reliable forms of finding themes in qualitative research data. In Notably you’re not just creating a picture of themes. Create real thematic relationships between disparate pieces of raw research data with a simple drag and drop experience.

Cluster data by similarities or by tension to uncover deeper insights in Notably.

With Notably, you can cluster data faster, empowering you to go deeper and more rigorous with the synthesis process without the added time. Instead of only clustering for affinity, or similar for similarities sake, you can also cluster by tension, contrast and contradiction to find unexpected insights.

Notably replaces these tools with an all-in-one platform that’s thoughtfully designed for your research workflow.

Notetaking apps

Replaces Notion, Google Docs, and Dropbox Paper for research notes.

Transcription Services

Replaces Otter & Rev for turning recordings into transcripts.

Spreadsheet tools

Replaces Excel, Airtable, and Google Sheets for analyzing  data in spreadsheets.

Whiteboarding apps

Replaces Miro, Mural, and Figjam for analyzing  data spatially.

Shared drives

Replaces confluence, Google Drive, and wikis for storing research data and findings.

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