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Surface the most important insights from your user interviews.

Upload videos from user interviews or automatically import Zoom cloud recordings to turn them into transcripts.

Turn your recordings into transcripts with Notably, free for up to 5 hours.

Automatically transcribe user interviews with Zoom Integration.

Conversations shouldn’t be locked away in Zoom or other video conferencing apps.

With Notably’s interview transcription software your cloud recordings are instantly imported as transcripts for you to find the important parts you want to analyze.

Identify sentiment on highlights from interview transcripts in one click.

Find out how research participants really feel. Notably's AI-powered sentiment analysis gleans meaning from your interview transcript’s key points.

It builds an accurate mirror that reliably shines a light on your data's underlying meaning.

Jump to noteworthy content in context during analysis.

Want to playback the video from a highlight?

All it takes is two clicks on your digital sticky note to zoom straight to the topic you're looking for. Never lose sight of the underlying context.

Turn video interviews into searchable text in your Notably repository.

Research shouldn’t be locked away in video files or collecting dust in shared drives.

Notably converts interview conversations into a transcript that is searchable text inside of your research repository.

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video transcription features

Zoom integration

Automatically import and transcribe from Zoom cloud recordings.

Video transcription

Transcribe up to 5 hours of video on the free plan or upgrade for more.

Transcript tagging

Highlight and tag important parts of conversations to analyze.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze how your research participants feel with artificial intelligence.

“Notably cut my time analyzing user feedback and research interviews by more than 50%. I don't know how I lived without it before.”

Laura Maxwell

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“Notably aligns very closely with this secret sauce design research process we’re all doing.”

Hannah Mazonson

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