Notably helps agencies deliver better, faster insights.

Avoid the “we already knew this” trap with insights that create alignment and build  trust with clients in half the time. Inspire innovative ideas that will wow your stakeholders.

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Stay organized & compliant with a space for each of your clients.

Folders and projects make staying organized across clients a breeze. Easily search by clients and never lose track of deliverables or assets.

Use AI to create summaries that you can easily forward along to clients.

Notably’s AI-generated summaries are a powerful and effortless way to create visibility into your research efforts for clients. Instead of going heads down while conducting research and waiting to resurface for a readout, these summaries bring clients along with you on the journey, building trust and momentum in the process.

Use the rigor your clients love you for, but in a fraction of the time.

With industry best practices baked in, Notably helps you deliver insights that keep your clients coming back for more. With research best practices and AI working together, you don’t have to worry about your insights falling in short.

Putting a bow on your research has never been easier.

With Notably’s AI-generated insights we help you create compelling insights in seconds. Present insights to clients or use them to create clarity during hand-offs to design teams. With embeddable clips and evidence, Notably helps you bring your Insights to life in a way that is not possible using traditional tools like docs, whiteboards, and decks.

Never worry about cutting back or rushing through synthesis to meet client deadlines again.

product features

Kickoff calls with clients

Capture notes and transcribe recordings from discovery calls with clients.

Discovery research

Find opportunities to innovate from generative research interviews.

Desk research

Organize secondary research so your clients can also benefit from it.

Usability testing

Find opportunities to improve experiences from evaluative research.

Remote synthesis

Run a remote synthesis session with your team and client to turn data into emerging insights.

In-field research

Collect notes, video, photographs, and audio from research studies like ride-alongs or on-site.

Design thinking workshops

Moderate design thinking workshop sessions with your team to generate new ideas.

Final research presentation

Turn raw data into interactive and evidence-based research presentations.


Security and privacy policies in place to build trust with your clients.

Global search

Search across clients to glean industry-wide insights to build domain knowledge.

Export data

Export data or spin up a new Notably workspace for seamless client handoff.

Onboarding & training

Access to premium add-ons such as workshops and training for clients.
about notably

How do we know what research tools work best for agencies? Notably was built by one.

Prior to starting Notably we spent over a decade doing research and design for clients. We understand the nuances of doing research for someone else. The pressure. The deadlines. How high the bar is for quality insights. 

We also know synthesis is too often the phase you need to speed through. You can’t speed up recruiting. Interviews take as long as they take. If participants reschedule or push back the timeline, so often we sacrifice synthesis to keep on schedule. And it’s a huge mistake. Synthesis makes or breaks the entire research process. A great synthesis process can take mundane data and make it interesting and inspiring. A bad or rushed synthesis can take great data and make it useless, misleading, or even harmful. 

We’re proud to offer agencies the tools we always wished we had. Don’t cut yourself short at the synthesis finish line, Notably is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Book a demo with someone from our team to learn more about how Notably can help you do faster, better, research for your clients with AI. Join our partner program to earn 10% for every client you bring to Notably.

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How can Notably save time doing client research?

Rather than sifting through digital sticky notes in Miro or FigJam which have the same limitations as physical sticky notes, you can use Notably to get through synthesis faster. Our expansive collection of AI templates allow you to rapidly generate new ideas from research that will impress your clients. 

How do I share research with my client?

You can invite your client to your Notably workspace as a viewer for free. You can also share insights with anyone outside of Notably in a format that is presentable to a client. Here's an example of a public insight. We also offer support for our agency customers to copy projects into client workspaces.

How does Notably use AI to generate insights?

In Notably, you can generate an insight from a theme or tag(s) with AI using one of our AI Insight Templates. Like the AI Summary Templates, these insight templates provide a special lens for the AI to analyze the data through. For example, you can use AI to generate a “Jobs-to-be-done” insight from your data. From that same data you can use AI to generate a “Persona" insight.

We’re releasing new AI-powered research frameworks every week to our growing library of AI templates.

Do you have a referral program for agencies?

Yes! If you’re an agency conducting regular research for clients, you can earn 10% for each client that you bring to Notably in perpetuity. We want to be a trusted research partner for you just as you are for your clients. Email for more information.

Use Notably to deliver high quality insights to clients.

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