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Jobs to be Done

Identify and understand the main jobs that customers are hiring a product for.

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Jobs to be Done Template | AI-Powered Research

Jobs to be Done overview

The Jobs to be Done framework, invented by Tony Ulwick and popularized by Clayton Christensen, helps us uncover the true motivations and underlying needs of customers when making purchasing decisions. By understanding the specific jobs they are trying to accomplish, we can design products and services that cater to their desired outcomes. This template provides a structured approach to analyzing data and generating insights using the Jobs to be Done framework.

How this Jobs to be Done template is helpful

  • Deep Customer Understanding: This template guides researchers in diving beyond surface-level characteristics and product attributes to identify the emotional and timeless jobs customers are trying to fulfill. By focusing on the human purpose and desired outcomes, we gain a deeper understanding of their motivations and can design solutions that truly resonate.
  • Compelling Narrative Creation: This template encourages researchers to create compelling narratives that elaborate on each job to be done. By using stories and perspectives from the dataset, researchers can effectively communicate the emotional dimensions and true motivations behind customers' decision-making. This storytelling approach adds richness and relatability to the insights.
  • Opportunity Exploration: This Jobs to be Done template prompts the generation of opportunity statements using the "How might we" format. These statements create a launchpad for brainstorming and innovative thinking. By providing a broad yet focused frame, researchers can explore diverse possibilities and potential solutions without being tied to specific technologies or platforms.

Some potential Jobs to be Done use cases

  • Product Development: Use this template to uncover customer needs and jobs when developing new products or enhancing existing ones. The insights generated can guide the design process and ensure customer-centric solutions.
  • Marketing Strategy: Apply this Jobs to be Done framework to gain insights into the emotional drivers and desired outcomes of customers. The resulting insights can inform marketing messaging, positioning, and campaigns that align with customers' underlying needs.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Utilize this Jobs to be Done template to understand the key jobs customers are trying to accomplish throughout their journey. The insights can help identify pain points, optimize touchpoints, and create a more tailored and meaningful customer experience.

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