market research

Notably for market researchers to keep pace with market trends.

Notably helps market researchers identify consumers’ underlying needs and preferences. Conduct focus groups and analyze group sentiment to determine the viability of a new service or product.

A workspace dedicated to market research.

Collect and organize all of your market research in one place. Search by keyword to quickly uncover what research has already been conducted around consumer, market, and business topics of interest.

Transcribe focus groups and interviews in any language.

Conduct in person or remote focus groups and in-depth interviews then transcribe them in Notably for analysis.

Notably supports transcription of 30+ different languages and dialects.

Analyze data to uncover consumer wants and needs.

Use our Analysis tools to understand critical factors like consumer perceptions, behavior, and preferences.

Get to the bottom of why people feel the way they do and the factors that influence their behavior.

Inspire solutions that attract and retain consumers.

Deliver engaging research findings to inspire new products, experiences, and messaging that attracts and retains customers. 

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product features

Focus groups

Transcribe focus groups to analyze sentiment, perception, behavior, and preferences.

In-depth interviews

Collect consumer insight to inform new solutions or modify and improve existing solutions.

Survey responses

Analyze open-ended responses from market research surveys.

Expansion research

Discover and identify new opportunities leading to business expansion.

Competitive analysis

Assess the competitive landscape to identify market share & competitive edge.

Data collection

Collect and organize qualitative data like videos, audio recordings, and notes.

Brand perception

Collect consumer feedback to upscale or reposition your brand in the market.

Research insights

Combine research findings into a presentable and interactive artifact.

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