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Customer Forces Canvas

Examine the forces that influence actions, like push and pull factors, anxieties and habits. A spin off of Jobs-to-be-done.

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Customer Forces Canvas | AI-Powered Insights for Product Development

Customer Forces framework overview

Understanding the underlying needs of customers is a critical aspect of designing solutions that resonate with them. To delve into why people switch to new solutions or what hinders them from doing so, we need to examine the intricate web of forces that shape their decisions. The "Customer Forces Canvas" provides a structured approach to dissect these dynamics, allowing us to gain deeper insights.

How this Customer Forces Summary may help

  1. Push and Pull Analysis: By categorizing customer sentiments into "Push of the Situation" and "Pull of the New Solution," this template helps identify the pain points that drive customers to seek change and the attractions that entice them towards new solutions. It offers a clear snapshot of customer motivations.
  2. Addressing Anxieties: The "Anxieties" section highlights the concerns and reservations customers have regarding new solutions. It provides a valuable understanding of potential hurdles and drawbacks that must be addressed in product development.
  3. Insights and Opportunities: The final section combines the findings to craft three insights that address customer needs, alleviate anxieties, and offer a pathway for change. These insights serve as a foundation for generating innovative solutions that cater to customer desires and concerns.

Some potential use cases for a Customer Forces Summary

  1. Product Development: Product managers can use this template to gain insights into why users may be dissatisfied with existing solutions and what features or benefits would attract them to a new product. This aids in creating user-centric products.
  2. Marketing Strategy: Marketers can leverage the insights from the "Push of the Situation" and "Pull of the New Solution" sections to tailor their messaging and campaigns to resonate with customer motivations and pain points.
  3. Innovation Initiatives: Innovators exploring new markets or industries can utilize this template to understand the forces at play in potential customer segments, helping them make informed decisions about market entry and product development.
  4. Behavior Change Programs: Professionals working on behavior change initiatives, such as encouraging sustainable practices, can employ this canvas to identify the motivations and hurdles that influence people's actions.
  5. Competitive Analysis: Businesses can compare their solutions with competitors, using the "Push and Pull" sections to pinpoint areas where they can differentiate themselves and address customer needs more effectively.

The Customer Forces Canvas was created by the strategy and innovation company Strategyn. This tool is an extension of the Jobs-to-be-Done theory, which was developed by Clayton Christensen.

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