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Notably for product teams building software.

Follow best practices and create consistency with how research is conducted, analyzed, and shared inside of your product team and wider organization.

Create a book of truth to house all of your product team’s knowledge of your users.

Research can happen in product team silos but it doesn't have to stay that way.

Collect research in a research repository that the entire product team can access. Discover new insights and increase the shelf-life of research.

Analyze discovery or usability research as data-driven sticky notes.

Design tools like FigJam and Miro have the same two-dimensional limitations as physical post-its. 

In Notably, digital sticky notes are data-driven and the original raw data source is always one click away.

Scale research processes and frameworks to the wider product teams.

Create consistency with how research is documented and conducted inside of your product team to empower even non-researchers to do quality, rigorous research with dependable outputs.

Share research outside the product team to create shared knowledge of your user.

Invite anyone to your Notably workspace as a view-only user or collaborate with them as an editor.  Close the gap between research and those who use it.

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product features

Discovery calls with users

Capture notes and transcribe recordings from open-ended discovery calls.

Usability calls with users

Analyze usability calls with users to find opportunities to improve on experiences. 

Secondary research

Organize secondary research alongside project work so it can be searched and referenced.

Product Team retrospectives

Run a team retrospective to find opportunities to improve the way you work together.

Stakeholder Management

Collect and organize data like videos, audio recordings, papers, and notes.

Research Operations

Create templates for planning and conducting research. Empower non-researchers to do great research.

Research participant tracking

Keep a growing list of participants for automatic coding and tracking over time.

Design thinking workshops

Run design thinking workshops to generate new ideas for innovating on your product.

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