Research repository

Make customer insights always on and accessible.

Build a network of knowledge with atomic data and insights that are referenceable, shareable, and organized in a shared research repository.

Store up to 3 projects for free in your Notably research repository.

Free your research from the PowerPoint graveyard.

Research shouldn’t be locked away in PowerPoint decks or collecting dust in shared drives.

Centralize research in a research repository that the entire organization can access. Discover new insights and increase the shelf-life of research.

Build trust with insights that can be traced back to the original source.

Copying and pasting data into whiteboarding tools like FigJam and Miro for cluster analysis with digital sticky notes have the same two-dimensional limitations as physical post-its.

Notably will save 60% of your time and keep data connected in your research repository.

Bring consistency to your research operations & avoid duplicative work.

The quality of how research is planned and conducted has a direct impact on the quality of the output.

Amplify the visibility of research at scale and avoid duplicative research efforts by bringing standards and consistency to projects in your research repository.

Code and track participants and their contributions to research over time.

Finding and managing research participants is hard.

Notably automatically codes participant data for you to speed up analysis. Build a growing database of participants who take part in your studies in a research repository to recruit from and track their contributions over time.

Research Repository Features


Customize your workspace by uploading your company’s logo.


Craft compelling stories about your research findings with atomic insights.

Participant tracking

Track participants to automatically code and track data over time.


Invite your team to easily collaborate on research projects.

Repository search

Search across all of your projects by keyword, participant, tag and more.

Data storage

Store raw data in one place like videos, audio, transcripts, and documents.


A powerful and flexible, distraction-free place to take rapid notes.


Analyze data in a spreadsheet and as digital sticky notes, connected to source data.

Organize past and active research in a repository branded for your organization.

Build a network of knowledge with atomic data and insights that are referenceable, shareable, and organized in a shared research repository.

A research repository designed to do the messy work and button it up in a single workspace.

Not just a glorified Google Drive, but a place to roll up your sleeves and do the messy work of synthesizing data into insights. Invite co-creators to work with or share research with viewers for free.

Craft evidence-based insights in a research repository that can be socialized within your organization.

Insights are buttoned up as a beautiful, shareable artifact to make an impact on stakeholders and teammates using your research to do their work. Reference video clips and quotes in insights to hear from the customer's voice.

Notably replaces these tools with an all-in-one platform that’s thoughtfully designed for your research workflow.

Notetaking apps

Replaces Notion, Google Docs, and Dropbox Paper for research notes.

Transcription Services

Replaces Otter & Rev for turning recordings into transcripts.

Spreadsheet tools

Replaces Excel, Airtable, and Google Sheets for analyzing  data in spreadsheets.

Whiteboarding apps

Replaces Miro, Mural, and Figjam for analyzing  data spatially.

Shared drives

Replaces confluence, Google Drive, and wikis for storing research data and findings.

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