Digital Sticky Notes

Superpower your digital sticky notes for research synthesis in Notably.

Move customer research data around freely and spatially with sticky notes on a canvas, but with the power of a spreadsheet behind them. 

Start working with your research data as digital sticky notes for free with Notably.

Plot digital sticky notes onto frameworks for analysis.

Whether you’re running a design workshop or analyzing your data as a solo researcher, you can use digital sticky notes to make meaning out of the mess. 

Use infinite space on a canvas to drag and drop digital sticky notes into groups on frameworks, like an empathy map, journey map, or affinity map.

Two clicks away from your digital sticky notes to source data.

Don’t settle for losing that red thread back to the original source once data moves to the synthesis process.

Notably retains all connections to raw research data so that it can be accessed quickly for context from your digital sticky notes. Never lose track of the voice of the customer. 

Instantly re-color digital sticky notes for entirely new perspectives.

The quality of how research is planned and conducted has a direct impact on the quality of the output.

The result is a powerful visual representation of your data that can unlock insights never before possible.

Hide and show digital sticky notes to segment data as you work through synthesis.

Filter and search to make that big pile of digital sticky notes less daunting to analyze.

Hide all but one participant or persona. Narrow your dataset down to a specific tool, step in a journey, or pain point. 

With data-driven digital sticky notes in Notably, the possibilities for segmenting data become infinite and instantaneous. 

Digital Sticky Note Features

Bulk creation

Generate sticky notes in bulk with one click from highlights taken in your raw research data.

Auto coding

Sticky notes are automatically coded by participants & your tags, ready for synthesis.


Dynamically re-color sticky notes based on theme, sentiment, tag, or participant.

Search & filter

Search by keyword or filter by theme, tag, and participant to work through lots of sticky notes.

Turn any piece of qualitative research data into a digital sticky note for analysis. 

Import video or audio recordings and Notably will automatically transcribe them into text with 80% accuracy. Highlights are automatically transformed into digital sticky notes for analysis with one click and always stay connected to the original source data.

Save 60% of your time wasted copying & pasting data into digital sticky notes.

Instead of manually copying and pasting data into sticky notes, Notably automatically generates the sticky notes based on the highlights you take from research conversations and notes. Save over 60% of your time wasted copying and pasting data into digital sticky notes.

A single place to do the messy work of clustering with digital sticky notes and organizing research findings.

The process of research synthesis is just as much a scientific process as it is a creative one, and you deserve a space to think creatively without having to jump to other tools. With Notably you can roll up your sleeves and do the messy work while keeping source data and insights tidy and organized. 

Notably replaces these tools with an all-in-one platform that’s thoughtfully designed for your research workflow.

Notetaking apps

Replaces Notion, Google Docs, and Dropbox Paper for research notes.

Transcription Services

Replaces Otter & Rev for turning recordings into transcripts.

Spreadsheet tools

Replaces Excel, Airtable, and Google Sheets for analyzing  data in spreadsheets.

Whiteboarding apps

Replaces Miro, Mural, and Figjam for analyzing  data spatially.

Shared drives

Replaces confluence, Google Drive, and wikis for storing research data and findings.

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Give your research synthesis superpowers.

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