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Like, Wish, Wonder

Capture feedback, desires, and imagine new ideas.

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"Like, Wish, Wonder" Template | Precise Feedback Extraction, Structured Insights, Innovative Ideation

"Like, Wish, Wonder" overview

In the world of data analysis, the Like, Wish, Wonder approach helps guide the intricate landscape of feedback and ideas. Organized into three distinct sections, this method allows for a nuanced exploration of sentiments, desires, and forward-thinking possibilities.

How this "Like, Wish, Wonder" template can help

Specific Feedback Extraction

Delve into participant feedback with precision, extracting specific instances of appreciation, disappointment, and forward-looking ideas.

Structured Insights

The template provides a structured framework, making it easy to categorize and understand the diverse range of sentiments expressed by participants.

Innovative Ideation

By encouraging the exploration of "I wonder" statements, this template sparks creative thinking, leading to new enhancements and ideas inspired by both participant feedback and broader trends.

Some potential "Like, Wish, Wonder" use cases

Product Development

Gain valuable insights into user preferences and concerns, guiding the refinement of existing features and the creation of new ones.

Service Improvement

Identify areas for enhancement in customer service by understanding both positive experiences and where expectations fell short.

Event Evaluation

Analyze participant feedback from events or programs to enhance future experiences, addressing wishes and exploring innovative ideas.

User Testing

Improve user interfaces and experiences by addressing likes, wishes, and exploring possibilities for technological advancements.

Employee Feedback

Apply the framework to employee surveys, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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