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Yes and...

A classic improv technique centered on human experiences to build on ideas.

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"Yes, and..." Thinking Template | Ignite creativity and human-centric innovation

"Yes and..." Template overview

In the realm of idea generation, the "Yes, and..." framework serves as a powerful improvisational tool, encouraging not just agreement but the expansion of creative concepts. Through this lens, this templates helps brainstorm 10 ideas inspired by data, delving into the very fabric of human experience.

How this "Yes, and..." Framework may help

Amplifies Creativity

By fostering a mindset of agreement and expansion, this approach unleashes unbridled creativity, paving the way for innovative and unique solutions.

Human-Centric Ideation

The focus on the human experience ensures that ideas resonate on an emotional level, connecting with people in profound ways.

Holistic Problem Solving

Beyond addressing a specific issue, the framework prompts consideration of broader implications, leading to comprehensive and impactful solutions.

Some potential "Yes, and..." use cases

Product Design

Craft compelling and empathetic products that enhance users' lives by addressing their emotional needs.

Team Collaboration

Elevate brainstorming sessions, encouraging team members to build on each other's ideas, fostering a culture of innovation.

Content Creation

Develop engaging narratives and content that resonate deeply with audiences, creating a lasting and meaningful impact.


Foster a dynamic learning environment where students build on each other's ideas, promoting critical thinking and collaboration.

Problem Solving

Approach challenges with a human touch, exploring solutions that not only fix issues but enrich lives in unexpected ways.

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