When it comes to presenting research, showing is more impactful than telling. Hearing from the voice of the customer, watching someone use your product, seeing images from field research, imagining a future solution through concept art.

A beautiful visual presentation has the ability to elevate the message and convey research findings and ideas in a way that words on a report alone cannot achieve. While we have always offered beautiful ways to button up your research, there were limitations.

Finding stock photos, creating cover art, and uploading branded visuals that align with the content of the insight—all these tasks take time and can be expensive.

Notably’s latest update opens up infinite possibilities to create visually stunning Insights that will make your research stand out. All you need is your imagination and words to bring those visuals to life.

Create images for Insights with AI using just your words

Now you can create one-of-a-kind images for your insights using AI in Notably. Either start from scratch with a description of your vision or draft up a description with AI based on the content of your Insight.  No more searching for royalty free photos or designing custom images for research presentations.

How to create images with AI in Notably

  1. At the top of an Insight, click “Create Image with AI.”
  2. Choose a style and describe your vision (or use AI to draft it for you from your Insight content)
  3. Click “Create Images” to generate 4 options.
  4. Choose the image you like, then click “Use Image.”

Medium type to generate many different styles

You can create all different styles of images in Notably with AI. Choose from the options in the medium dropdown to choose your preferred image type. Switch up your medium and have fun seeing what images you create.

  • Photography: Capture realistic scenes, characters, or objects by using camera-like techniques to enhance your visuals.
  • Digital: Showcase the versatility and creativity achievable through computational processes by presenting content in a digital format.
  • Isometric: Create visually engaging portrayals of environments and objects by rendering scenes with a distinctive three-dimensional perspective.
  • Line Art: Emphasize essential details by utilizing a stylized, minimalist approach to outline and contour subjects.
  • Low Poly: Infuse a modern and stylized touch into visuals by using a reduced polygon count, resulting in a geometric and abstract aesthetic.
  • Neon Punk: Incorporate vibrant neon colors and futuristic elements for a bold and edgy visual style inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics.
  • Origami: Bring a touch of craft and creativity to visuals by mimicking the art of paper folding, presenting subjects with a folded and geometric appearance.
  • Pixel Art: Create a nostalgic and charming visual style reminiscent of classic video game graphics through pixelated aesthetics.
  • Tile Texture: Achieve a textured and cohesive visual experience with repetitive and seamless patterns suitable for various applications.
AI Generated Insight Cover Images in each medium choice, generated from the same prompt.

These images above are all generated in Notably from the following prompt:

"Visionary eco-future: Wind turbine in dreamlike landscape with surreal details, wide-angle shot, earthy greens, and tech blues."

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What’s a prompt?

A “prompt” is how you communicate with AI. In Notably, the description field for creating an image is where you write your prompt. The vision for your image can be as vague or detailed as you’d like.

If you’ve used apps like Midjourney or DALL-E for generating images with only words, you’re one step ahead. But if you’re not, you’ll still find generating images in Notably to be very approachable and easy to use.

Anatomy of a prompt

In addition to selecting from the various “Medium” types in the dropdown, you can also describe your vision in up to 200 words.

Here are a few ideas for things to include in your prompt:

Focal point: Identify what part of the image should draw the viewer’s attention initially. Choose the focus of the image, such as a character, person or object, their emotion and any interactions in detail. Describe any movement or action. Decide whether the character or object is static or if there is a specific activity they should be involved in. Use any actions from the text provided to inspire this.

Layers: What’s in the foreground, middleground, and background?

Scene:  Choose a location and describe the ambiance of that environment that best suits the mood of the insight text provided, such as:

  • Cozy, Elegant, Casual, Sophisticated, Intimate, Vibrant, Minimalist, Rustic, Bohemian, Chic, Glamorous, Quaint, Modern, Nostalgic, Industrial, Lively, Tranquil, Exotic, Traditional, Eclectic.

Shot length: Wide-Angle, Ultra-Wide, Eye-Level, Medium-Shot, Ground-Shot, Low-Angle, Full-Shot, Full-Body, Glamour.

Color palette: Define a color palette that compliments the mood and scene. Options such as:

  • Vibrant, Warm, Cool, Monochromatic tones

Style: Define a visual style for the image. Some examples include:

  • Knolling: Arranging objects at 90-degree angles and photographing them from above, creating an organized, symmetrical look.
  • Minimalism: Focus on simplicity, using a minimal amount of components such as color, shape, line, and texture.
  • Surrealism: Create a dreamlike scene by mixing reality with imaginative elements. Describe vivid, fantastical details to captivate the viewer.
  • Flat Lay: Arrange objects neatly with clean lines and angles, capturing them from a top-down perspective. Create an organized, visually appealing composition by emphasizing symmetry and simplicity in the arrangement.
This is an example of a short prompt that was used to generate the image shown. This prompt combines a scene + focal point + color palette + layers + style as instructions.

Drafting a prompt with AI

Crafting creative image descriptions is a skill just like art direction is. You can use AI in Notably to help you develop this skill by clicking “Draft description with AI”. It will generate a starting point from your Insight content, identifying a core character, environment, visual metaphors, theme, or visually interesting analogies that would create an impactful image.

We’ve instructed it to focus on the strongest storytelling opportunity to create the biggest emotional impact. This story should be aspirational and present a potential future of growth and innovation rather than be anchored in the past. Additionally, we include a line in every prompt to optimize for diversity if the image contains humans.

It’s important to be direct and specific in order to get the output you want. Experiment and play– there are infinite possibilities and no right way to get there.

Examples of images created with AI in Notably

We put together a public collection of Notably insights with a variety of images to inspire you. In the body of each Insight is the prompt used in the description box. Try to recreate, tweak, or create your own!

We'll keep adding to this, so make sure to bookmark it!

"Mid-century modern lounge with iconic furniture pieces and a retro aesthetic."
"Vogue photoshoot of glamorous dog in Wes Anderson style --ar 2:3 --v 5.1"
"Whimsical cute miniature houses on the coast of the black sea in Georgia, Ureki a sea side town. You can see tiny windows and tiny people. Emphasize that mountains in the background are big. Palma de Mallorca golden hour --ar 2:3 "
"Knolling peonies in a variety of colors on a pale pastel background, hyper realistic and organized perfectly symmetrical"

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