Missed our latest webinar? Don't worry, we've got you covered with a comprehensive recap!

Our virtual event on June 29th and 30th was an exploration into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative role in research. Hosted by Notably's co-founders, Allison Marshall and Britt Fuller, this two-part workshop offered attendees a deep dive into how AI can be leveraged to create interview summaries, analyze desk research, and generate insights in Notably.

You can watch the recordings here, or continue reading for the highlights of each session.

Session 1: AI Principles, Templates & Summaries

Event Overview

The first part of the session delved into the guiding principles for designing and developing experiences with AI. Allison and Britt also discussed how and why AI is used (and isn’t used) in Notably, along with where they see Notably using more AI in the future. They also shared the prompts that power the AI Summary templates in the app, using the Secondary Research template as an example. 

Key Topics and Insights

Part one kicked off with a discussion on the 9 Principles of Responsible AI Research, Design, & Development that shape our approach to designing experiences with AI at Notably.

As Allison put it, "At Notably, customer data privacy is paramount; we do not use customer data to train or improve our algorithms." This statement underscores one of the key takeaways from the event - while technology advances rapidly, ethical considerations must remain at the forefront.

We also delved into where we utilize AI within Notably while maintaining high standards of privacy protection, quality assurance, user interaction clarity in communication, emphasizing human elements in research work.

Notably’s AI Summary Templates are your “ultra-capable research assistant”, offering automatic video transcription and summarization of video recordings or documents, like notes and whitepapers. Each AI Summary Template offers critical context for the AI that are specific to the types of conversations researchers are having, such as focus groups, stakeholder interviews, discovery interviews, and usability testing. 

However, Notably does not currently use AI during tagging or theming stages due to concerns about quality assurance and philosophical reasons related to potential false conclusions from incorrect data labeling.

Britt shared her thoughts on this saying,"While there is much excitement about what AI can offer in terms of efficiency and innovation in the content creation space- it’s crucial that its implementation be guided by strong ethical principles ensuring user safety & privacy along with maintaining high-quality standards."

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Session 2: AI Insights

Event Overview

Part two of this webinar, led by our co-founders Allison and Britt, was a treasure trove of insights on leveraging AI to streamline creative processes, enhance brainstorming sessions, and generate valuable insights from large datasets.

Key Topics and Insights

The session kicked off with an introduction to our AI-powered templates designed to act as your "super creative synthesis partner". These tools help dissect data in unique ways, uncover hidden patterns or trends, summarize themes within your dataset or apply industry-standard frameworks such as insight combinations, hypotheses, or even jobs-to-be-done.

Allison and Britt explained some popular AI Insight Templates including 6 Thinking Hats for diverse perspectives; Extremes & Mainstreams for identifying outliers; 4 What’s for understanding status quo, opportunities, viable concepts & immediate initiatives.

Brittany then took over explaining how each template has an 'AI prompt' that powers it- instructions written by us guiding the AI's output generation process. They shared their vision for creating transparency and customizations of these prompts, walking through the 4 What’s AI Insight Template as an example. 

Towards the end of our session live examples using real datasets were demonstrated showing just how powerful these tools can be when applied correctly.

Closing Thoughts and Takeaways

In conclusion, Notably’s AI-powered summary and insight generation capabilities offer researchers an efficient way to analyze large amounts of qualitative data quickly while maintaining high-quality results. They allow researchers to not only summarize their findings but also uncover novel insights that might have been overlooked otherwise.

If you missed out on attending this insightful event live – don’t worry! You can watch recordings from both days here. And remember whether you’re conducting market research or analyzing customer feedback surveys – notably has got you covered!

Stay tuned for more exciting events coming soon!

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